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Due to a problems with my MBP I had to have the RAM replaced and in the process the HD swipped clean.  Slowly I'm moving things back from an external back-up.  Question is how do I move my iTunes files back to the MBP so there is no confusion?


I have iTunes files, iTunes Media, etc ... multiple files from upgrading from over the years from one Mac to another.  Just trying to figure out how iTunes know to read each. 


Or do I have to start from scratch again and download the CDs as I need previously?



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4), 500GB | 4GB RAM | early 2009
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    Well you can certainly start fresh and redownload everything from iTunes, otherwise you can copy the folder containing your iTunes library, it's a folder that has the iTunes library file and all the media folders in it.

    Once that's copied to the hard drive on your computer, you can hold Option while opening iTunes to choose a library, just choose that one. You'll probably have to put it in the same location as it was before, not just anywhere on your computer, in order to get it to work properly.

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    The newly empty MBP HD has 1 folder Music.  While there are 3 folders from the external HD now on the desktop:


    iTunes, iTunes Media and Previous iTunes Libraries.  Each has different folders and files inside.


    How do I get them all to be in the right place?  With more than 300GB of music .... it's a lot of information.  In fact I'm at that point where I need to keep music and movies on the external.

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    Is the iTunes folder perhaps the one that was originally located in the Music folder in the home folder?

    That folder has an iTunes Library.itl file in it. And all of your iTunes media should be located in there, sorted throughout the numerous folders.

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    That's a loaded questions.  I don't know which is the original.  I'm talking 3 versions of MacBook's over the past 10 years. 


    iTunes folder contains some music folders as well as .itdb ( 3 times ), .itl, .xml.

    iTunes Media folder contains folders for movies, music, podcast, downloads, mobile Apps and TV showe.

    Previous iTunes Librariest contains 6 differen .itl flles.


    None of which is a complete folder that I can tell.

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    Okay, it sounds like the iTunes folder is the original one, unless that folder contains folders names iTunes Media and Previous iTunes Libraries, you should put those two folders in the iTunes folder, then put the iTunes folder in the music folder in your home folder, you might need to move the current iTunes folder somewhere else, or rename it.

    After doing that, hold Option while opening iTunes. Choose Library... Browse to the iTunes Library file, which should now be located at Home Folder > Music > iTunes > iTunes Library.itl

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    Might just trash them all and reload CDs again.  Then return purchased items back.  I just attempted to put the iTunes Media folder into the iTunes folder and it stopped me with this error:  'A newer item named “iTunes Media” already exists in this location. Do you want to replace it with the older one you’re moving.'


    Thinking starting from scratch is the best at this point.  Trying to mix together iTunes from various periods on various previous Macs and so many different things going on. 

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    If you move your current iTunes folder or rename it, that will prevent that message from appearing. Although, if you have all the CDs conveniently accessible, then that's probably not a bad solution.

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    Not that it's the easiest or quickest way I think the better option at this point is to trash it all and start again.  If at least the files were recent that would be different.  But, I'm talking about 4 different MacBooks and at least 4 different verisions of the OS.  10.8 should be compatible with everything old, but ya never know. 


    Downoad them all again with 10.8.2 ... and that way they all work properly.



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    Haha, sounds good.