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since week i am having problem with the sound and lock option in my ipad 2.


its seems the switch button on the side is always stay for sound, even when i choose it to be for lock rotation.


so here is the situation


1. choosing "use side swtich to:" lock rotation. Results : lock icon shows up on the top right of the screen (near the battery icon). the side switch is actually still used for sound effects, task bar icon shows sound icon. in this case the sounds working in games and all , but my ipad is rotation locked and there is no where to unlock it.


2. choosing "use side switch to": Mute. Results : side switch shows sound effects, icon in task bar shows lock icon. but then no sound in games, even when all options of sound are high.


i don`t know what to do, i just read many problem about sound online and not solutions that help me.

please fix this or tell me what to do to fix it as i don`t enjoy my ipad that way. no sound or no rotation is not fun.

i have restart my ipad, emptied the battery. nothing help.



iPad 2, iOS 6