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Even with the latest updates of 10.8.2 my computer still uses about 40% of its 4 gigs of ram at idle. i thought it might be a glitch but it isnt. i have done several installs from scratch and even gone as far as having the apple store swap the machine out and it is the same. when i ran the same 2012 13 inch macbook air with lion i used about 15-18% at idle. why is 10.8 do much worse on ram managment? with 10.7 i never had any page out with 10.8 i have easily 1-2 gigs of page out under normal workload. is ths just how it is for everyone? Im seriously considering going back to 10.7 and leaving it there for this machine untill i get a new on in feburary. id like to stay with 10.8, it has alot of nice features but it hard to deal with the ram problem. when i bought the computer i was assured that 4 gigs of ram would be plenty for 10.8.

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    You mean that you see about 1.5G active or wired?  That seems high.  Is there something else that is now starting up in Mountain Lion that didn't in Lion?  You can sort the active processes by memory usage to see where the big users are.

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    Here is a top table from a July 2011 Mac mini. Shows memory consumption immediately after boot with only Terminal app and system processes running. There is 512MB shared with the HD3000 graphics card.


    Screen Shot 2012-10-08 at 7.20.04 PM.png

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    Although there is some additional memory usage with 10.8, it is only about 10% more.  I'm sure that 10.8 uses more due to other stuff running like notifications etc.  But it isn't as bad as you led me to believe in your orignal post.  In both cases you have about 40% of your memory used.

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    as i am sitting right now after boot with just activity monitor open(before i opened safari to type this) i am sitting at wired 1.2gb, active 525mb, inaactive 25.1mb. the wired ram is easily more then double what my machine used with lion. right now my early 2011 13 mbp is wired 490mb, active 456, inactive 174mb and its been on for 9 days and is running ml. what gives... i dont get why my new mba is doing so much much worse on ram with the same ram as my older mbp. they were both give fresh installs and both had disk permissions repairs afterwards. this is my second mba and the ram its using is the same as the first so im certain it isnt bad hardware or a funky install. i have not installed any extra software because im trying to figure this out. i thought it might have been a third party program with something hidden maybe that was using a ton of ram but its not. my mbp on the other hand has tons of extra programs and no problems with it. is this just a problem maybe with the firmware on mba's? ive taken a screen shot and a calculator and added up all the processes including the root processes and it doesnt add up to what is being used. im at a lose. apple tech support has had me do tons of little diagnostics and ive never heard anything back about anything being wrong. on lion i could do everything i needed to on it without running into massive crazy page out issues. i would dig out my mbp but i use is as a desktop and well its slow compared to my mba. really slow. lol i just want a legit definative answer whats going on. thanks guys.