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Hi and tnx for reading.


I have iPhoto 11 and using it to synch my photos with iPad and iPhone.

However I have 2 issues that I did not have with previous versions:


1) If I modify my photos on iPhoto then synch with iPhone and iPad, I only have the original photos there without any modification. How can I do in order to avoid this annoying thing? A manual solution is to export the modified photo out of iPhoto, reimport it, cancel the old one, and replacing it with the modified one...however I understand it cannot be the correct way to operate


2) My iPhoto Events/Album Thumbnail are not the same of the synched Events/Album on iOS Devices... on iPhone and iPad they just have the first photo of the Event/Album... so the thumbnails are not Synched. This was not happening a year ago with previous versions...


Thanks in advance for your help.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)