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I would like to have discussions with Apple users who use the accessibility features..

MacBook Pro, iOS 6
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    Are you disabled yourself, or are you someone looking to implement the accessibility features? I'd be more than happy to help.


    You may wish to contact a communication clinic or ILC in your area that does assistive technology. I am trying to be an assistitive technology specialist currently training in both ios and some other vendor's technology.


    Have you perused the documentation at www.apple.com/accessibility?


    Is there a specific question I can help with?



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    Hi & thanks Sam,


    Perhaps I should have worded my question differently.  I am an ATP here in Alaska & would like to be in conversation with adults or teens really using Apple's accessibility features...to learn more and more from the real consumers.


    Also, I'm wondering how to be involved in the Apple Discussion as they develop new and updated programs, software, etc.


    It's a fascinating journey.  Thanks for writing Sam,


    becky roth, m.ed., atp

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    Proloquo2go is also popular. I'm sure the individual app developers would be happy to accept your feedback.


    There are braille typewriters and print-readers, there are mounts for ipads, there is voiceover, and assistive touch for those that have trouble swiping or using the home and sleep/wake buttons.



    P.S Apple can also be reached at www.apple.com/feedback

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    Thank you Sam,

    I am aware of your suggestions & I thank you for your time in sharing.  Life is good when people help & reach out.  All the best to you and yours. ---becky.