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I have searched already but the closest thing I found was an article dating back to 2010, which nobody replied to. I like GIFs and I like animated GIFs, I think it's a guilty secret/passion for a lot more than people realise (maybe even aPNG too??) so why doens't Aperture support them, well, who knows, but surely there should be a plug-in for it?


If so, does anybody know?



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  • Kirby Krieger Level 6 (12,510 points)

    I don't think you'll find one -- you're looking in the wrong place.  Aperture is a photographer's toolset for creating and managing a non-destructive workflow from files created by digital cameras to publishable pictures.  GIFs -- and especially animated GIFs -- are graphics entities that have little or nothing to do with photography or with files created by digital cameras.


    Here is one of the things Apple says about its product:

    Aperture is a professional photography application that lets you refine images, showcase your photography, and manage massive photo libraries.

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    I know that's the answer, I've heard it before, but Aperture caters for GIFs and so it should cater for more than just the static variety. I think Aperture's evolving to be more than just a a pro photo app, I think it's more of a media app now, look, it accepts PDFs but what have they got to do with photgraphy?


    *note: once PDFs are imported their subsequent pages cannot be viewed, which is a similar issue*

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    *note: once PDFs are imported their subsequent pages cannot be viewed, which is a similar issue




    Not true if you drag a pdf file onto the Aperture icon you will be presented with this window


    Screen Shot 2012-10-08 at 12.04.50.png

    If you convert the PDF doc into JPG (or TIFF) you'll get one image per page. If you keep it as a PDF then you are limited to seeing the first page (though the entire document is in Aperture).

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    Ah, thanks for that, I never knew about that one. However it still only allows me to show a single (the front) page, with regards to PDF, but I like the import feature which splits all the pages up, but why does this option not come up when normally importing I wonder?