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So, today I was listening to podcasts on my iPod classic 5gen while walking and it worked fine; nothing to note. After a hour or so of non usage, I tried to listen to something and it just wouldn't play and the album art doesn't read. Plus, the hard drive is making repetative clicking sounds. I understand this is normal activity, but it makes identical sounds each time like it's skipping or trying to reread it or something. I tried reseting it, but it still can't load the music and freezes everytime I do. I tried to sync it to my iMac, but it won't work. The iPod reads "Do not disconnect" but the computer doesn't recognize it even being connected in any way. It also is reading that I all of a sudden have a low battery. I'm just trying to restore it now, but the computer can't even read that it's there. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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