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I recently bought a new Mac laptop and transfered some files to it via data migration.


Now I just want to locate some old photos on my backup drive.


The dirve was connected to my old Mac, then I chose to transfer the backup drive to my new Mac laptop.


Now I cannot see/access the files from before I connected the new Mac.


Why is this? Aren't all and any of the files still on the backup drive?


Please help!

Mac Mini, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    Remember, we can't see your machine so you're going to need to explain things a bit more clearly.


    These old photos on a back up drive, are they involved in iPhoto is some way? Did you use an app to create a back up? Or just drag material over?


    The dirve was connected to my old Mac, then I chose to transfer the backup drive to my new Mac laptop.


    Apart from plugging the drive into the new machine, what does "transfer" mean?






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    I'll try and keep this short and concise.


    I had a MacMini up until Friday. I sold it. I had my Seagate Backup Plus Drive connected to the MacMini until Friday. I bought the Seagate this past July because my other backup drive died. I backed up all of my files from the MacMini to the new Seagate drive after purchasing.


    Now I am trying to access photos from long ago from the Seagate drive using Time Machine. When I enter TM I am only able to see files that go back to Friday. The other files that show from July are "ghost" and don't open.


    When I attached the Seagate to my new laptop and clicked use as backup, I was prompted if I wanted to use the drive from the old computer to the new and that it would no longer be available to the old computer (not the exact wording, but to this effect). I clicked transfer and what I get is what I explained above.


    I assumed that I would be able to access all my files and applications that were on the drive when it was connected to the MacMini, but this does not seem to be the case for some reason.


    Did I not click the correct operation? How can I access the "ghost" information?


    I hope this is explanation is clearer. Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.





    p.s. I just did a full backup when I purchased the Seagate. No app, no dragging.

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    Thanks for the link.


    Browsing the forums, I found somewhat of an answer: http://pondini.org/TM/17.html (green box)


    I tried it and was able to restore data (iPhoto) from back to July, but now I can't open the file because I get a message:


    Screen Shot 2012-10-08 at 11.41.44 AM.png

    My latest version does not have the photos that I am trying to restore. Any thoughts?





    BTW - here is what I did (inherit) when connecting the Seagate to my new Mac (Mountain Lion):  http://pondini.org/TM/B5.html