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I keep getting an error when trying to share photos from iphoto to facebook. I have tried all the common things, but now I see that there is no longer facebook exporter for iphoto. I have had this Macbook Air since May, and was able to share photos via iphoto exporter to facebook, and now all of a sudden it is not working. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

iPhoto '11, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Are you talking about a third party plugin?  If so contact the author. Or are up you talking about the I

    Photo internal Facebook capability?



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    I am not quite sure. I just know that initially I was able to share photos from iphoto to facebook by logging in through facebook. Now, I can't. I searched online and all the forums said I needed facebook exporter for iphoto, but that no longer exists. Thanks.

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    IPhoto can upload to face book under the share button. Or you can upload via a web browser. Like safari for example. This is an iPhoto support forum. For support on other products contact the forum for the product



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    I had Iphoto exporter plugin installed previously and it would show up on file-export as an option. Then mysteriously it was gone as an option. I tried to download the plugin again from Cnet and when I try to install it I get and error saying "It can't be opened because of an inidentified developer my security preferences only allow installation of only apps from your Mac app store and identified developers"

    How do I turn off that security so I can reinstall it again. As for why my original install disappeared I am mystified about that. Why was it there one month and then poof gone the next month?


    I like that 3rd party plugin as it lets me caption all the photo's and rearrange the order and write a discription all in one application. It works better than the share button way of doing it to facebook.


    Is it not compatible with Iphoto 9.4.1?