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I can't seem to get iTunes Match to sync to my new iPhone 5 running iOS 6.

Disabling and re-enabling iTunes match under Settings->Music or Settings-->iTunes and App Stores doesn't help.

When I go to Music on the iPhone, I see the Cloud and a progress bar, then some activity in the little loading circle next to my Wifi icon in the menu bar for about two minutes. No progress on the Cloud's progress bar.

After that, the loading circle stops and I just see "Genius Playlist" and "Add Playlist". None of my extensive iTunes Match library playlists. Or songs.


I'm wondering if the Music app has a small timeout for loading the iTunes Match library.

I have a large 10,000-song library - perhaps it's taking too long to load?


I've also tried wiping the iPhone and restoring from backup, but that didn't help.

iPhone 5, iOS 6