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My home button has been failing lately i've done a little research on the internet and something that worked but just for a couple mins was a step where you have to plug in the usb cable and the push upwards and the push the home button one time when i do it it seems to work for a couple minutes but then back again to what it was. I tried to use it with the usb cable doing a little pressure upwards  and i realize that as long as i keep making a litle pressure it works just fine. What can i do about this ?

iPhone 4, iOS 6, Iphone 4 16gb gsm
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    you're having a hardware failure.  Bring your phone into Apple for replacement.

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    Two things you can try...

    1. Blow as hard as you can into the bottom of the phone. There could be dust blocking the underside of the home button. This should free it.

    2. Recalibrate Home Button


    Step 1: Launch one of the stock apps on your iDevice (Weather, iTunes, Stocks, etc.).


    Step 2: Press and hold the power button until you see the “slide to power off” prompt, then release the power button.


    Step 3: Press and hold you home button until the the “slide to power off” prompt disappears and the app force quits.


    You should now be on your home screen and your home button should be recalibrated! Recalibrating your home button this way will work on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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    It seems to be working now :D im going to keep testing it to make sure is fixed

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    That's great news! Glad to be of help!

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    You are pressing it wrong