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How do I access an external hard drive attached to an Airport Extreme using the Finder's "Go to the folder" feature?


I have an external hard drive attached to my Airport Extreme and I can access it just fine through Finder.  I would like to be able to keyboard navigate to it in an efficient manner.  I tried to use the "Go to the folder" feature but was unable to.


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I had tried dragging the drive to the Network folder but the shortcut it created does not lead to the drive's contents...it seems to lead right back to the parent directory:

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I hope I explained the question well.  Thank you for all of your help and time in tending to my inquiry.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Try afp://Blitzkrieg

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    Unfortunately it did not work.  I am currently reading about network mapping...

    /fingers crossed.

    Thank you for the input though!

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    When you manually connect via Finder, select the mounted connection and perform a Get Info (Command I) on the icon. This will give you information about the connection. You can then use this in the Connect to Server window. I am thinking you may have to add the Time Machine name in front of the shared drive name.

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    I was able to connect to the drive using that afp://... path in the Info window as you described.


    I'm not quite understanding the last sentence about adding the Time Machine name in front of the shared drive name though.




    I'm guessing it's this?

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    Sorry. I said Time Machine when I should have said Airport Extreme. So yes, the afp path you show is what you can use.

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    Unfortunately I was unable to navigate to the drive using the "Go to the folder" feature with that path.


    I was really hoping to be able to use tab completion in the "Go to the folder" feature and maybe a bit more friendly than typing all that off the top of my head.


    Is the "Go to the folder" feature only good for folders local to the machine? Am I just out of luck?    

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    Use the Go > Connect To Server feature (Command K) - not Go To Folder. This is just for local connections.


    Note that you can save the connection for future use. I have several "mappings" saved to Windows servers and other Mac shares.

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    Sadly this answers my question.  Thank you for your help.  I would have preferred the flexibility of tab completion of the Go To Folder function and navigate through that but the Connect To Server will just have to do.


    Again, thank you for your help.                       

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    Cant you set up "back to my mac" then go to finder preferences and put a check mark under everything under the shared location. Also set up back to my mac on your airport extreme.


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    Go to Folder will work for an AFP share as long as the share is already mounted. Enter "/Volumes".

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    I wish I could give your answer the "This solved my question" tag.  Thank you very much!!