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Does anyone know if there updating stock through out this Time period or if its a one time at 10pm and that's it for that night.....? I'm not going to lie, i am getting impatient. To be honest we have been trying to lock one of these down since the release... It's kind of discouraging after you put an order in and you have to wait a month while joe blow down the street gets lucky and gets there order though for next day store pick up? Where's the loyalty in that!?  I understand there a company  that makes money but you think instead of this system you would be pushing this limited supplies to the orders first... Idk maybe I'm misinformed, I'm don ranting on...

iPhone 5
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    I have attempted several times to reserve an iPhone 5 for instore pick-up.  We have 2 Apple Stores in my area, and in the time it took to enter credit card info the phone was no longer available.  One store never appeared to have any in stock, and yet a line of "far east" men was there to pick up the phones at open.


    Apple you're 10pm update reserve system is being gamed and the phones are bieng sent over seas.


    Fix this!

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    Here is what I did.


    When go thru and "buy process" up until you get to the page where it says, shipping and you can select next day pick up. Then when 10pm rolls around, every min or so check your local inventory.


    I've done this for the last 10 days straight and discovered that no systems arent always updated at EXACTLY 10:00pm. Last night I logged on at exactly 9:57pm and thru 10pm nothing was showing up in my local Apple Stores inventory. I almost gave up but at about 10:10pm I decided to give it one more show and BOOM, my local store showed the "In Stock" logo.


    Like appleCartMan says, these things go quicker than lightning and Apple does say a reserve will not be issued until you complete the payment process, there is a very good chance by the time you finish someone else will have beaten you to it. I recommend before you start looking you have your CC# copy and pasted ready to go and just fill in.


    Good luck,


    It seems stores are slowly getting at least some stock in so hang in there...theres hope!

  • appleCartMan Level 1 Level 1

    As USCRaidersFan states it can be done.  I was finally able to beat the exporters. 


    Using the web browser on your mac - do not attempt from the apple store app on your phone/ipad.

    Before 10pm set up the card you wish to pay for the phone with to your itunes/apple account (this saves seconds)

    Before 10pm set up the phone you want in your cart and sit on the page where you select shipment or store pick up.


    Just before 10pm the radio button to select in store pick up will unlock but all stores will show "unavailable for pick up"


    At 10 pm I began refreshing the web page and clicking on "change store" to dsiplay all the stores with "unavailable for pick up"


    I kept refreshing the page and the change store option until about 10:02 when the "In Store" was displayed.


    I speed thru the check out process only needing to enter the CVN number on the card I had tied to my apple account and was able to reserve one.


    I will add that when I went to the apple store to pick it up, there were 3 "far east" men in line each buying 2 phones.  So I have now seen at 3 different apple stores at opening, only men from the far east buying the phones, and the apple store rep confirmed my suspicion. 

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    I just kept refreshing the window starting at 10pm, and just a couple minutes ago it showed available in my local store and I ordered as fast as I could and got it done! Now I just hope it was correct and really in stock because I will head out to the mall the store is as soon as they open on Sunday at 12noon.

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    hey guys! I'm wondering if it's 10pm at ur local store or is it 10 pm eastern time? i live in califronia and 10pm pacific time is 3 hours from now!

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    10om local time. Because the stock is going to be updated for your local stores in your area. So you need to wait til 10pm your time. Saturday night (I am in Miami) I started refreshing the browser until close to 10:30 it finally showed a phone available. Was able to order it and picked it up today (Sunday).

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    Ive been trying since 9:55 with no luck... live in miami, have been checking all kinds of zip codes. NOTHING.. its 10:28 now. i'll keep trying i suppose..

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    Yeah I have been trying starting at 9:59 and no dice... 2 weeks straight and no luck.. it's pretty rediculous.

  • enrgy52 Level 1 Level 1

    Got one finally!

  • Tim Nienhuis Level 1 Level 1

    howd you do it? ive tried for the last 2 nights

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    I was able to get in after 10pm around 10:15p, ordered, paid, they told me they would send me an email within an hour, but I didn't get my email until 2:11pm today (Sunday).

    Get to the store, she brings out my iphone 5 in the box, with my name on it... and they tell me they cannot give me my iphone 5,

    -First they need to cancel my order and redo since "the young sales associate" had never seen this issue before

    (apparently my upgrade wasn't working???) (I've been eligible for an upgrade since August wAT&T)

    -Then she could not cancel my order because it was an internet order

    -So I call APPLE 800 #, they tell me it will take 5 business days for the money to show back up because I pay with a debit card "#ImAnIdiot, so I tell her never mind, is there another way to fix the issue.

    -Then the manager comes over and says they are not allowed to release any Iphone 5's now sorry.

    SO.... I call APPLE 800# and talk to one guy who says he is going to call them and have them release my phone to me... but I never hear from him again. I call back and speak to another person, who finally put me in touch with her senior advisor guy that I am waiting for a call back from now...

    But apparently, their "computer system is down" the one for internet orders only and not the one that sends customers emails to come pick up their products from the store, nor the one that sends you text to tell you your product is ready, nor the system that withdraws the money from your checking account, just the one that tells you, you cannot have your phone in your hand, even though we are showing to you and we have your money... until this "upgrade system comes up."

    Life as an Apple Head. ;( -- =misery because my iphone4 currently *****- its soo slow!

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    This is interesting because almost the EXACT opposite thing happened to me.


    I ordered, got my conf a few hours later...


    Got to the store, and the sales rep tells me, "Your not eligible for an upgrade.", which I was.


    This is where the opposite starts to occur.


    The sales rep calls Verizon and I assume Verizon tells her that I am indeed entitled to an upgrade. So the sales rep says she will have to cancel my order and let me purchase it right from the store.


    This takes her like 4 min max.


    The rest of the purchase and setup process was pretty smooth.


    When I got home I noticed on my banking statment that there was a double charge for the phone. I called Apple and let them know what was up.


    About 4 hours later that day, I was credited the difference.


    Sounds to me like your getting the run-a-round...that aint right.


    Hang in there buddy, and good luck to ya!

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    And all of this is crazy because I first got my phone on the Apple site like also, just after 10, picked it up the next day, and it took a whole 90 seconds in and out of the store. Sold the first phone for $950. Made $750. I was planning on upgrading my 2nd line but since it's 2 more months, I got a third line. I can cancel my 2nd one Jan 1, no big deal. But I walked into Best Buy and they had phones, again, in and out in a couple minutes. Check the Best Buy website. When you check inventory for different models, different stores come up with them in stock. Even the girl when I got there was like we don't have any that I know of, and I had to tell her she'd better check cause the web says otherwise. Sure enough, in stock and she says they never told her they were, but she was very nice helping me. Also bought that extreme ZAGG screen for it and case cause Best Buy has some 2 for $45 deal, and it was actually less than that when they rang it up.

  • spanisholive1 Level 1 Level 1

    Wow, some of you have been through ****...

    I fiiiiinally got mine. After trying for 4 straight nights, i started the process at 9:55pm on Friday & finally saw stock appear at the Fort Lauderdale store at about 10:05 or so. I had all of my cc info copy & pasted so the everything moved quickly. Got the 1st email in 2min. then the final email confirming that pickup was ready for Sat morning about 30min later. didnt make it into the store until 4pm or so, no issues. first guy i spoke to, confirmed my order number, got the phone & i was out within 5-10min or so. only had 2 cases in-stock & NO lightning cables in stock. I was told to go back to the website at 10pm for those as well hahaha

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