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Okay before anyone starts, I searched the subject and only found "how to make ringtones?", "how to download ringtones?", etc.... My question is there a maximum amount of ringtones one could have on an iPhone 5 w/ios6? I had a bunch when I first got it. Then I made a few more lastnight and tried to install it. In doing so, I lost a few that I had before, and some didn't get installed. I tried syncing in different modes, "all tones" and "only checked". Whatever the case, I lose a few and gain a few. So again, is there a max amount of ringtones I could store on this phone.  At this moment I have 21 custom ringtones with a size of just 13.3 MB and all the stock ringtones. I remember I had more on my 3GS w/ios3.0.  Just to clarify, I checked my now inactive 3GS w/ios6. I have a similar problem, but the strange part is, the same ringtones are not loaded.  It seems to just sync a random few. So are these phones set up to allow only a certain size/amount of ringtones?  If so, what is the magic number?  I have posted this question on another forum, but didn't get any real data/answers.

iPhone 5, iOS 6