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Dear Apple, dear community,


I'm currently working in Malaysia and want to buy the new MacBook Pro Retina shortly (not sure about the model yet). My question is about the warranty. I've looked through several discussions etc. but couldn't find a clear answer. I'm moving back to Germany in about three to four months (workwise as well) and I've asked myself what is gonna happen if I need any decent repair covered by the warranty? Does my MBP has to be shipped back to Malaysia in that case or can I bring it to any Apple Reseller / Store in Germany (or Switzerland)?


I had to bring my current MBP(bought in Germany) for a decent repair (logic board etc.) to a reseller in Switzerland and it was all covered by the warranty (apple protection plan by then).


I just want to make sure there is not gonna be any problems because buying in Malaysia (Asia) and a possible warranty claim in Germany (Europe) is not gonna be a problem.


Hope anybody from Apple (or community) can light me up on this.