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    My faith is restored in apple!   They were able to fix my phone!

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    What did they do to fix your phone?

  • darlinlildeb Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    They reset it as a new phone.  That worked for 6 days.  When it happened again... Apple gave me a new phone

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    Just went into the Apple store today with this exact problem. They said my logistic board was fried. They gave me the option to buy the exact same iphone 5 for 269$ which is half price of the full cost. The only thing was that it didn't come with a new chord, headphones, etc, and the warranty is only 3 months. You can't upgrade it. Just bad luck I guess. They don't make them like they used to, my 3gs outlasted my 5 and will probably outlast this new one too.

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    My iPhone 5C has been doing the same thing for a couple of months now. It's been fine before that and I haven't even had the phone for about a year now. This sure is getting annoying. What could be causing it?

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    I am having the same issue.


    Some background:


    My Iphone 5 has been a very robust stabile phone since day 1. It was running perfect until ios7. Everything was ok. When I upgraded to IOS8. Things started to become unstable. I am getting auto reboot now and then without knowning what was the caused.


    I really hope Apple could fix the buggies IOS8 please.

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    hi dchew,


    can i ask what mail clients you have configured ?


    my iPhone 5 was stable until the iOS 8 upgrades, then it began to reboot automatically, and fairly frequently.


    to make a long story short, I think my issue is related to certain e-mail clients being configured (with me, it seems to be either Outlook, Yahoo or Exchange).

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    Hi Brian,


    I have been using Yahoo Mail and iCloud configured in Mail settings. No exchange whatsoever. It's been running stable before iOS8. Even with iOS7 it was running pretty well.



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    I bought my iPhone 5 about a month ago and it was perfect on ios 7.1.2 and ios 8 a little while after i updated to 8.1 I started having battery issues. The phone wouldn't charge and then a few days later it kept turning on and off with the apple logo like many of you described. I went to an apple store and they told me to buy a new one because it was more than a battery issue. I replaced the battery myself because apple wouldn't and now its booting and functional. However, after I use it for a little while it shuts off. I really think it could be a software issue because i have a new battery. It could be more, but i really wish apple would actually help and not just tell me to buy a new phone.

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    i restored my phone 3 times, rebooted my phone 3 times, re-downloaded my apps and changed my battery with a new battery 2 times and it keeps on happening. what do i do? my battery life will fluctuate and it will turn off and on by it self. i dont want to keep having to pay for my battery to be replaced. plz some 1 help

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    Im heading to the apple store for the third time in a month and if they find a way to fix the issue we are having ill be sure to update you and everyone else on how they did it im doubtful that they can though

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