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    My faith is restored in apple!   They were able to fix my phone!

  • Mike Flamino Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    What did they do to fix your phone?

  • darlinlildeb Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    They reset it as a new phone.  That worked for 6 days.  When it happened again... Apple gave me a new phone

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    Just went into the Apple store today with this exact problem. They said my logistic board was fried. They gave me the option to buy the exact same iphone 5 for 269$ which is half price of the full cost. The only thing was that it didn't come with a new chord, headphones, etc, and the warranty is only 3 months. You can't upgrade it. Just bad luck I guess. They don't make them like they used to, my 3gs outlasted my 5 and will probably outlast this new one too.

  • VNFan Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    My iPhone 5C has been doing the same thing for a couple of months now. It's been fine before that and I haven't even had the phone for about a year now. This sure is getting annoying. What could be causing it?

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    I am having the same issue.


    Some background:


    My Iphone 5 has been a very robust stabile phone since day 1. It was running perfect until ios7. Everything was ok. When I upgraded to IOS8. Things started to become unstable. I am getting auto reboot now and then without knowning what was the caused.


    I really hope Apple could fix the buggies IOS8 please.

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    hi dchew,


    can i ask what mail clients you have configured ?


    my iPhone 5 was stable until the iOS 8 upgrades, then it began to reboot automatically, and fairly frequently.


    to make a long story short, I think my issue is related to certain e-mail clients being configured (with me, it seems to be either Outlook, Yahoo or Exchange).

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    Hi Brian,


    I have been using Yahoo Mail and iCloud configured in Mail settings. No exchange whatsoever. It's been running stable before iOS8. Even with iOS7 it was running pretty well.



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    I bought my iPhone 5 about a month ago and it was perfect on ios 7.1.2 and ios 8 a little while after i updated to 8.1 I started having battery issues. The phone wouldn't charge and then a few days later it kept turning on and off with the apple logo like many of you described. I went to an apple store and they told me to buy a new one because it was more than a battery issue. I replaced the battery myself because apple wouldn't and now its booting and functional. However, after I use it for a little while it shuts off. I really think it could be a software issue because i have a new battery. It could be more, but i really wish apple would actually help and not just tell me to buy a new phone.

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  • timkingz Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    i restored my phone 3 times, rebooted my phone 3 times, re-downloaded my apps and changed my battery with a new battery 2 times and it keeps on happening. what do i do? my battery life will fluctuate and it will turn off and on by it self. i dont want to keep having to pay for my battery to be replaced. plz some 1 help

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    Im heading to the apple store for the third time in a month and if they find a way to fix the issue we are having ill be sure to update you and everyone else on how they did it im doubtful that they can though

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    So for me it seemed to work to simply do a hard reboot before the iphone was able to restart itself. Might work for some of you!

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    I guess I found the problem which is the battery. I had the same problem with my phone few days ago, keep automatically restarting every few minute. Sometimes even worse, it just showed the white apple sign and restarted again. On the net ,I can only find is restoring the phone or updating ios, something that didn’t help. By the way, I’ve bought the battery online to replace the old one due to the low battery stamina. It did work fine for 4 or 5 months until I got this problem. After all of those solution failed what I can do is try to change the battery to the original one and fortunately it did solve the problem. SO I guess you can solve the problem by replacing the battery. Even if the battery you buy online might not have such good quality, at least you can use your phone for little longer or maybe you are lucky enough to get a good battery and no problem forever again.

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    So I was a tad worried when people said they had to get a new phone because I did not have apple warranty.

    My iphone 5s kept restarting and it was to the point i could not turn off the cellphone data, or delete apps. I couldnt even get it to connect to itunes for the longest time.

    But what did work for me because my phone was dead at the time is opening up itunes on my computer and then putting the charging cord into my phone while holding down just the home button till a connect to itunes came up and then i released the home button and itunes finally recognized i was in recovery mode. A site told me to then hit restore, but since I didnt back anything up i took a chance and hit update and it came up with a software update for my phone which fixed the problem!!

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