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I have an Airport express from 2008. (N)

I recently bought a new airport express to extend the WIFI.

Ever since I installed the new one the old one is Blinking Amber light all the time.

What is the issue it it indicating? How do I deal with it.


iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Hi - first of all is the old Express connected directly to a modem or another router?

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    It is connected to Modem (BT infinity) via Ethernet cable

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    Thanks for the reply - a blinking amber light indicates a connectivity problem with the internet or some other error - you can see what the error is by using the Airport Utility - and make sure that there is no firmware upgrade available - sometimes the problem is solved simply by re-powering the system starting with the modem and proceeding down the line - however in your case, I would recommend switching the 2 Expresses and put the new one after the modem and use the older one as the extender - I would set up the new one first and then older one - I would do a factory reset on each unit before you do this - consider these options and let me know how you make out.

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    I will do this step and get back to you.

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    It worked.

    I had to reset both the Airports (Old and new) back to factory setting. This removed all the old configuration data.


    Plugged the new one and connected the Internet by Ethernet cable. Successful configuration


    Plugged the old one and configured it to extend the old network.


    Interned > New Airport > Old Airport.


    It is working well. Both showing continuous green light and full  connection


    Thanks for the help