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Hello all,

Im new to apple communities and Im grateful for this form.  I have been a long time apple buyer of apple

products all the way back to the Mac 128.  I just have to voice a problem I have with apple support. 

I've never been treated this way before and I really don't know why.  It concerns the apple id.  When I bought

products in earlier times, I never gave much thought to remembering and apple id.  This was a mistake on

my part.  Now, it seems I have four of them, of which I know two of the passwords.  The problem is on the

third Id, i do not know the pass word and it is tied to some of my iphone apps.  My iphone will not let me

update these apps unless I have that password.  The problem is the email associated with this password

is now not working as that provided got bought out.  So, there is no way to recover it.  Second, when I answer

the security questions on the recovery page, it wants to know my birthday, and all of a sudden and when I answer

it shuts down.  With all that said, I cant recover the password and update the apps.


Enter apple support, I finally got to account securuty yesterday, and you would have thought I was a criminal.

I provived them with all information identifying who I was and even ansered the security questions.  The person

I was working with was very "dumb acting",  asking me to repeat numbers over and over and kept putting me

on hold.  I know cyber security is important, but come on.  He could see I'm a very loyal apple customer with

a new iphone 5 on the way. I wanted him to help be reset the password to this account.  Needless to say after

waisting 2 hours on the phone with him I nothing got got.  He kept saying he would sent me a reset email

at another working email addres of mine, but it would not arrive.  Then he would go back to asking me security

questions.  It was apparent he did not believe me on saying who I was.  I ask to speak to his suppvisor and was

put on hold for another 20 minutes, and did not get a suppervisor.  He came back on and said there was not one

avaible and took my number for one to call me.  It did not happen.  This apple id stuff is out of control.  Apple needs

to do something about merging these Ids since they are so important.   I still have no clue what to do next other

than rebuying the apps and using another id.  It is sad this simple problem can't be fixed.  Come on apple, Ive

spent alot of money with you and you dissappoint me.  I guess i'm venting alittle, but does anyone have any

ideas.  I hate to complain, but this is out of hand. 


John H.  (iphone, ipad, mac pro, macbook pro)

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)
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    Actually because of some recent problems Apple has had with people trying to "social engineer" their way into other user's Apple IDs, I am not surprised that you have such issues with getting assistance. They have to be very careful, as releasing personal information to someone to someone it does not belong to is something that could potentially cost Apple a lot of customers and money.


    It is not a simple problem, and does not have a simple solution.


    Best of luck.

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    I hate to complain, but this is out of hand.


    As laundry bleach has pointed out, use of social engineering to get access to accounts is skyrocketing. Criminals have discovered how easy it is to get access to certain accounts, which gives information that can then be used to get access to other accounts. It's become an epidemic, which culminated recently in the high-profile hacking of Matt Honan and complete destruction of his online persona, among other things. It's a very serious issue, not just at Apple but with all responsible companies these days. Get used to password resets being harder to obtain, as that is going to be true for the long haul. In fact, if a password reset is easy to obtain from a particular company, you should consider that account to be extremely vulnerable to hacking, and should close it immediately to prevent access to any sensitive data. (Not necessarily just the data associated with that account.)


    For some information on the Matt Honan case, which gives a good example of the kinds of things that have been going on, see:



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    Thanks for posting the link.

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    I certainly ubderstand what you guys are saying, and I sure wouldnt want anyone to hack my ids or anyone else's.

    I think the security section person should have just told me, I cant help with that.  Or ask me enough information to convince him and apple I was who I said I was.  He held me hostage on the phone for 2 plus hours giving me the run around.  As a coustomer of apple since the 80s I have purchased many many thousands of dollars of apple products and stood behind them when the were not so popular.  I really feel apple owes a solution to this kind of thing with the apple id.  I see alot of post on here about wanting to merge ids etc. Apple may not have a solution now, but I think they need to solve this.  Especially the part about having to use an email as your user name. And, then for some reason you don't have that internet account anymore.  In my case the internet provider was bought by a bigger company, and change the last part of all email addresses to their suffex (ie Newcompanyname.com) without warning.  Caused lots of trouble.  But, it made my apple id unrecorverable by email as that old email does not exist anymore.  Secondly, the security qustion option does not work, it claims my birthdate is wrong and closes down.   All, this work to try and update some apps on an iphone that are forever tied to that old unrecoverable apple id.  You know, you win apple.  Ill just pay more money (again) and buy those apps new under a working apple id.  Its just the principle of the thing.  And, yes I completely understand cyber hacking and thanks for the link.  You are right they have to be careful, but the apple rep could have told me NO, and not waisted 2 hours of my time and 2 hours of his time.  Thanks for your consideration  macproeh