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Can anyone explain how we can format a message with the intent of making it easier for our receiver to press "Create Event" and not have to fill out the location information?


For whatever reason I can't seem to get a data detector to find my location information.



Subject Line to fill out 'Event Title'.  Date and Time seem to work in a few formats: I use mm/dd/yyyy and time as hh:mm with the use of 'until' between times if the event is longer than the default 1 hour.


Just can't seem to get the location to fill out.


Mostly, I'm trying to send an email to folks that I know are going to read the message on an iPhone.  So in order to reduce the typing burden of adding the event to their calendar it would be great to find a "format" to trigger the proper datadetectors.


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    So I've found that by adding a properly formatted address to the email message that this will be added to the location information via the data detector. 




    1000 Hilltop Circle

    Baltimore, MD 21250


    Meeting held at noon until 1 pm in Room 459.


    However, I don't want my location to be so broadly defined.  I want to target a specific location within a building and this I can't seem to figure out.  My intention is to use the Room 459 as the 'location' information NOT the address of the building.


    Sent a tweet to Jim Miller, who worked on the initial Apple Data Detectors project, asking him if he had any idea.  Interesting paper posted here:




    But still looking for a solution.  Anyone?