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i have a classroom with 16 identical iMacs running OSX 10.7.5 and ARD 3.6.1. ARD exposes the following symptoms on a regular basis:


In the list of clients some clients show up as either "not supported", "client software not active", "Offline". The status changes frequently, the affected clients are not always the same.


Updating software on the clients is a bit of a gambling game since the status of a machine can change at any time and it is pretty unpredictable when a machine is unreachable from ARDs point of view.


The network otherwise seems to be stable.


Anything that I can do about that?


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MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    I have similar problems with ARD. I once attended a seminar who's speaker was John Detroy, one of Apple's software designers ( former, I believe.) He had mentioned that ARD was designed to have only one operational copy per intranet and that multiple copies on the same LAN could cause erratic behavior. That being said I work in a district of 5k + students and around 1.5k staff and admin users with about 20 coies of Apple Remote Desktop being used. Going to the file menu and selecting refresh usually does the trick to re-establish connections to the computers in the list I am observing.

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    OK, I have one ARD console and 16 clients and I assume that is not an unreasonable amount. Refreshing does not help really. Often, even when a client is shown as offline I can see physically it is running and I can observe or control it and then its status switches to available.