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I recently won a couple of the black Pro keyboards for a pittance on eBay. But (as previously ranted) the evil of UPS is always a dark cloud over the brightest auction find.


This is what the package looked like when it arrived.




The keyboards look fine. They were pretty satisfactorily bubble-wrapped and I can see no physical damage. But if they could have sustained mechanical or electronic/electrical damage that I can't see that is capable of zapping my computer in some way, they're not worth serious harm to a Power Mac G5 that I've struggled to keep in good working order for the past seven years—neither for purposes of keeping them as backup as intended, nor for purposes of claiming against UPS.


What do you think? What's the worst that could happen if I try to use a  keyboard that's trashed somehow?


In case it matters, we're talking about this one—the M7803 model.




Power Mac G5 2.0 (late '05), two PM 7600s (bless 'em), beige G3, CDMA iPhone 4, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    The good news is that items lacking an internal power source (like these keyboards) are much less like to "zap" the computer than something that brings its own power to the party.


    I think the most likely effect of any damage--other than "It's dead"-- would be a key that keeps repeating or one that sends the wrong letter.


    Were it me, I plug these boards into the USB port on an existing board for testing. That way, the existing board may serve as a buffer between the questioned boards and the computer.


    This is not based on any education--electrical stuff was not my engineering forte! Just trying to think how I'd approach it.


    Actaully, I think I'd call UPS and insist they come to your house with a Mac computer and test the boards on THEIR hardware while you watch. T'would serve them right!

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    I think plugging into the current keyboard's USB port sounds like a fine idea, Allan! Thanks!


    I was actually less worried about electrical (probably foolishly) than I was about the keyboard sending corrupted data that would "confuse" the Mac. Is that completely silly?

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    I think there's very little danger to trying them.

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    OK, thanks!