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One of my co workers upgraded to the new iOS 6 last week and now they can't open some of the Excel files from their iPhone 4S.  I can open the file with no problem, I have iOS 5.1.1 iPhone 4S.  iOS 6 can open some of the excel files, but I know it can't open them all.  Some of the .xlsx files will open but some can't.  Anyone else having this problem?


Here is my initial post.  Somehow, it got solved without me clicking solve. 



iPhone 4S, iOS 6, Excel Compatibility Issues With iOS
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    since iOS 6, an excel sheet that is in my email every morning for review, will not open. With over 450 apple devices that have the update available I'm afraid we're going to have many issues. Is Apple working on a fix? It's been a few weeks now....

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    I am having the same problem, does anyone know of a remedy?

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    works for me, atleast with .xlsx format (since 2007).

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    I am not saying every .xlsx doesnt open. Try and open a .xlsx with links to other tables or documents, in particular DLOOKUPs.

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    well email a file and i can check it for you.

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    2004 and later are no longer supported.  You need to send as a PDF for viewing purposes only

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    Remember, Your wondering why Apple wont support a Microsoft product... Apple has superceeded Microsoft by leaps and bounds, leaving their old technology in the past

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    I need an email address and I will send it to you.

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    will check in a couple of hours and let you know. tell me exactly what steps on your side reproduce the problem.


    (and the acutal problem - can it not be opened at all, or some sheets are not opened, etc)


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    Ok so you're right it doesn't up the file you gave me.


    I deleted sheets one by one and only sheet 1 seems to cause the problem (the one with the big chart). if I deleted that, I could open it and view all tabs and smaller charts too.

    so maybe there is some problem with using the links on the iphone. office 2010 opens the file and warns on top that active content has been disabled and you need to explicitly make it enabled. maybe on the new ios, active content is disabled by default due to security issues, but the drawback is that the file in unreadable.


    can you remove active content and remake that chart and see?


    ps: i deleted your files so dont worry about that.

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    If i remove the active content, the column with the DLOOKUPs, it will break the data and wont display the data in that column. Also if i convert the file .xls i can open it in ios6 but the links are broken for the DLOOKUPs.  I can open the file with no problem in 5.1.1 but it wont open in ios6

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    Another problem with .pdf files being unable to send as an attachment.