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Hey all-


We currently use configurator to maintain 30 new ipads. We have updated the IOS on these devices to 6 and now whenever we install a configuration profile blocking people from installing their own app or in app purchases we get a "Can't install app" error message as part of the refresh process. I understand I am using configurator with a drastically changed device and the profile part of configurator hasn't been updated yet. As of right now the only workflow I have found that works is to


1.) Unsupervice the device

2.) Resupervise it

3.) Reinstall apps

4.)Install the configuration profile blocking app purchases.


I have to do this any time I want to do application updates...


Anybody else runing in to this problem?

iPad, iOS 5.1
  • mr.ag Level 1 (10 points)

    Thanks @mattme33.  This helped a bunch!  Agreed that it is frustrating that we can't block things like installing apps, and working in a school, even having the camera usable is a problem.  Would be nice to get this addressed.

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    there is a much easier way to go about adding apps. all you need to do is uncheck the profile that has the restrications. refresh all the devices. then add the new apps you want (click apply) once these apps have installed you can re-check the profile and apply that. then the new apps will be on the ipads and the profile settings will still be inplace.

  • mattme33 Level 1 (5 points)


    I loan all of our ipads on a 4 day basis and I never have them all back at the same time to do that type of sweeping change. Before IOS 6 came out I could have changes waiting for an ipad to be returned and they would take effect then. Now if I update an app for one all of the other ipads we plug in will fail (If I'm not here when they are returned). This is a problem apple needs to fix and not something simple I can work around.

    I've pretty much just stopped updating apps but once every month or so till this gets resolved.

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    Thank you for the answer.  i agree with mattme33 that this needs to be addressed by Apple, but in the interim I can now setup my iPads and start using Configurator to improve the configuration of my devices.