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  • iLL1337 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yep, thats how mine looked too, pretty gross. It's likely the result of dust getting between the lens and the sensor of the camera. Some people have reported that the issue arised after they had dropped their phones, which could potentially disrupt the seal between the sensor and lens and allow dust to build up over time. Mine seemed to get worse all the time, more and more of those circles were showing up everyday. So I think a broken seal sounds like a reasonable explaination. I never had the problem with previous iPhones either, but there is a new hole near the camera on the iPhone 5, the one for the microphone. Maybe the dust is getting in through there? Maybe it's getting in through the lock/wake button? Who knows. But they will definitely replace it for you, just make sure to check out the new one before you leave.



    I checked my mom, stepdad and brothers iPhone 5s the otherday to see if they were having the issue, and both my brother and stepdads phones had the exact same problem. Pretty crazy stuff.

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    Just got back from the Apple Store. They replaced my iPhone 5 with a new one. They had never seen anything like this. I printed out a bunch of prints so all could see. Many of the "Geniuses" were amazed that something like this was actually true. One guy said it was some sort of material on on the lens beneath the glass. I think it's a sensor issue (debris) but he said no way. Regardless, they replaced it and my Restore is almost done.


    Nice support Apple!

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    I had purple dots and light gray circles, so I took my 5 back to apple and they swapped it immediately.

    Unfortunately I have a purple dot again.  And what's even more unfortunate is that this is my 3rd IPhone 5.

    The first one was swapped on the spot because of the black paint on the bezel chipping off, which has happened on all three phones.  I was willing to deal with the paint problem since it was cosmetic and didn't effect the functionality of he phone, but now there's a serious problem...  The function and design of my (and maybe all) iPhone 5 is flawed.

    Apple needs to take a serious look I to this problem and deal with it.

    Steve Jobs would not approve!!!!

  • Gamtu Level 1 (0 points)

    Well, type something into google your certain will produce zero results and sure enough results there are!  I suddenly developed a spot in my pictures that resembles a blurry dirty finger print.  I use my iPhone 5 camera all the time and have been able to look back through my pictures and determine that this spot developed suddenly sometime after Monday the 18th 2013.


    I work in construction and I've had my phone in some dusty locations with no problems.  I've not been in any dust for the last two weeks.  I've never dropped my phone and I know no one else has dropped it and not told me because no one else touches it.


    I've made an appointment with the Genius at Apple.





    You can see in the picture above there is a grey spot that is in my pictures now.


    This picture was taken with my rear facing camera.  My front facing camera works fine. 

  • Gamtu Level 1 (0 points)

    Just to update.  I went to the Apple store in Tampa Florida.  They were able to open my phone and clear the particle out from the camera.  The camera works great now!

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    Hi everyone, my first post on here

    Ive had my iphone 5 since release day too, and mine has now developed really irritating purple spots and grey blotches. However, my screen is cracked :(

    Will apple still replace my phone or does this make it invalid? Thanks :)

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    Tough to say... The broken screen probably takes priority over the purple spots in Apple's eyes. They could easily blame the camera spots on your neglect if they wanted too. I think you'll probably end up having to pay something for your replacement, tough to say how much. Make an appointment to see a genius if you're near a store and be super friendly, they do nice things sometimes.


    OR when you show up for your appointment, you could drop your phone on the ground and say you're screen just broke, then they might feel bad for you and hook it up. Of course that would be dishonest...

  • Zac lees Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm not a dishonest guy so I won't lie to them haha, in fairness to myself I have just bought myself one of them Griffin cases which are aparently tested to military spec so I'll make sure I tell the genius and hope he is having a nice day O guess! Appointment booked for Friday I'll post on here the outcome. Thanks for the reply by the way!

  • iLL1337 Level 1 (0 points)

    Good luck, keep us posted!

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    I'm having the same issue.I just realized it today, not sure how long this problem has been on my camera.

  • Pier Rodelon Level 1 (25 points)


    I have exactly this problem and haven't gone back to see when first appeared. Need a fix as I use the camera all the time for work and pleasure. Have never dropped or jarred the camera, in a case since day 1 (the day the iPhone 5 was released to public last fall).


    Have no Apple store where I live or with 80-90miles. How to proceed?  Who to call?  Appreciate any help with this.



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    Thanks for letting us know that Apple will indeed replace the unit, but I do have one question fro you: when they decided to replace the iPhone 5 unit for another one, was it running the latest OS or was it running a previous version?


    Thanks in advance.

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    The 3 replacment iphone 5s that I have received have all been running an older OS.  It was a bit of a pain, because you have to update before you restore your data.

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    I have posted here before, this is just an update. to recap:  I got my iphone 5 in September, started seeing spots in November and took my phone in to the Gbar in December.  They gave me a "new" phone.  End of January, I start noticing that I have the same problem AGAIN!  GRRRR!  I take it in and they replace it once again.  The next day I noticed that the phone they gave me works like crap.  Constantly unable to complete calls, or even accept calls, unable to connect to the internet, even though I clearly have full service.  I took it back 2 days later and they did a bunch of tests, and tried many things, but I ended up walking out with yet another phone.  So now I am on my 4th iPhone 5, in 5 months. I love my phone, but it hasn't been very robust. I'm a little disappointed to say the least.

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    I have the same issue! It is on every single picture I take now! This picture is zoomed in. Has everyone gotten a replacement who had this problem?

    photo 4.PNG

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