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  • PJJHughes Level 1 Level 1

    I suggested we pull this thread up in the store and the "genius" said this is not an Apple thread but a thread by users so does not mean this is a known issue.

  • oghowie Level 1 Level 1

    Makes no sense to me at all. I've had to return each of the last 3 iphones at least once each and they have always been covered under warranty if under a year old.

  • Clat Level 1 Level 1

    I have returned iPhones for as little as having dust under the screen and they have repaired or replaced each time.

  • bogleoart Level 1 Level 1

    Bought my iPhone six months ago and I just noticed a white spot on every picture captured with the sunlight. I tried to restore, upgrade,, troubleshoot and all possible solutions to fix the problem but I failed. Since its under warranty, I logged a ticket to book me an appointment to the service provider. So I prepared a back up of files at night. The next day, at the service provider I informed them about the issue, gave them photo examples and told me that it needs to be check by their engineer.


    After 4 days I received an email that my device is ready for pick up. So I went there and told me that my phone has been swapped to a new phone. Checked the IMEI to be sure before leaving the center. So when I reached home, I made the itunes restore for the new phone. Early in the morning, I tried taking pictures especially with light and found out that the same issue occurred. So I contacted the service provider again and told me to bring the phone. Since im working I can only deliver the phone when i am available or free from work. Same reason, they took the phone again for check up.


    3 days have passed, another email arrived and went there to pick it up. This is my 2nd time. I did not do the itunes restore cause I want to try the camera asap. Unluckily, its still the same.


    For the 3rd time I made a contact with them again and do the same thing. When I received an email after 4 days, I directly head to the place after work. I even asked the staff if the phone is a refurb one and told me that it is a new swapped different from the first and second one. There is a remark from the Engineer that states "Tested and found NO issue with the camera - No replacement will be provided". Now I reached home and tried it in a hurry to found out that the problem is still not fixed...


    I am really frustrated that after 3 times of swapping, the problem has not been resolve at all. I am very tired going back and forth to their office and really wanted to use my phone and enjoy it very well without any issue...


    Maybe this is really a problem of iPhone 5 as I have read complaints regarding the camera. I dont know what I'll do next...

  • Clat Level 1 Level 1

    It is lens flare?

  • bogleoart Level 1 Level 1


    I dont think so. Heres the image. What can you say?

  • jiserrab Level 1 Level 1

    I don't think these cameras were designed to take pictures of the sun directly.  In my original post there appeared to be specs of dust on the lens.  I even inspected it using a high power microscope and didn't see anything.  I would suggest a trip to the Genius Bar, they will usually replace it on the spot if the find a problem with it.

  • Gamtu Level 1 Level 1

    The only thing these pictures of the sun are showing is lens flare.  Lens flare will happen any time you attempt to take a picture of the sun.  It may occur more often when taking a picture of the sun through a window.  These pictures are a good example of it.  Sometimes even the camera flash will cause lens flare.  Also if you use the light when taking video and you pan by a shiny object you will see a white lens flare.  If you want to take pictures of the sun, you shouldn't be using your phone.  You should be using a camera that can be fitted with an appropriate light filter specifically for taking pictures of the sun.  What I'm getting at here is using pictures of the sun to demonstrate your problem is a bad idea.  Take normal everyday pictures with the sun behind you not behind the subject to exhibit your issue. 


    From what I can see in these pictures, the reason your issue hasn't been resolved is because there is nothing wrong with your camera that anyone can fix.  Lens flare is normal on phone cameras.

  • Marc Leftoff Level 1 Level 1

    Another update on my end... back in March, I had clear red spots in every shot taken by the rear-facing camera on my iPhone 5. I contacted Apple support via chat, uploaded example photos, established a case number and then went to an Apple Store and they replaced my phone with no questions asked. I did bring printed photos with me and requested that the genius take a photo of his own. Done, simple, easy.


    Now, four months later, the replacement iPhone 5 started doing the exact same thing. Again, I did exactly the same thing. First chat, established a case, then made an appointment at an Apple Store. And just last night, I walked out with, now my 3rd, iPhone 5. It took about 45 minutes this time, the place was a mob scene as usualy but I waited patiently and they replaced it with no questions asked.


    Interestingly, the guy told me that the camera is the one part of an iPhone 5 that can't be fixed or replaced. It must be replaced under warranty.


    Also, he told me that the clear red spots are a result of the phone being dropped and small crystal fragments end up on the sensor. I personally don't buy that, but hey, everyone has their own theory. I have never dropped my iPhone on anything other than carpet. And it's in a rubberized case, which protects it quite well. So if these red spots are a result of dropping, well, then Apple certainly missed the boat on making these iPhone 5's as robust as previous models. I know people with iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S who have smashed their phone, replaced the glass, dropped them over and over, kids throwing them, etc., total abuse, and the camera's work just fine. I've never seen these red spots on anything but an iPhone 5.


    And again, both of my iPhone 5 - 64GB phones have had this exact same issue. They've been perfect otherwise.


    Curious, huh?


    Well, I'm just glad they're as accommodating as they are. I give them credit for replacing my iPhone 5 twice now. It's annoying having to deal with it, but hey, I once again have a brand new iPhone 5 in my pocket. It'll help me resell it when I upgrade next.





  • bogleoart Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for your reply. Yeah I thought of it too. Its been 3 times already when the phone was swapped and the same issue occurs. I knew also that it wasnt designed to take photos of the sun but maybe it only happens on Iphone 5 cause my Iphone 4s doesnt seem to have this spot.

  • bogleoart Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you Gamtu! I appreciate your reply. You are right that I should not use it for taking photos of the sun. I also read in one article that its not applicable to shoot photo in a bright light. I was just becoming paranoid cause the other smartphones I had before dont face this lens flare issue but now I know that Apple uses a different lens to improve its camera quality. Thank you again.

  • oghowie Level 1 Level 1

    I got my iPhone 5 replaced in March and now I have the same spots in my photos again. Not sure if it's dust or water damage. Just very annoying. Guess it's another trip to the Genius Bar.Iphone 5 Camera Spot.JPG

  • 19Q43 Level 1 Level 1

    I also had dust on my iphone 5 sensor.  I can't imagine how it got there.  Took it to an Apple store(May, 2013) and, of course, they nerer heard of this problem with iphone 5.  They took it in the back of the store to check it out(probably to maks sure it was not tampered with).  They gave me a new phone as it was still under apple care.

  • oghowie Level 1 Level 1

    Yeah, my genius only had "one other time" where this happened. He obviously has had a lot of people return it for this issue, since he looked at it for 10 sec and already started the replacement process.

    While I was setting up my phone and he moved on to the next customer, he told them "Apple doesn't refurbish anything!" and that she'd be getting a brand new phone for paying the $ to replace her cracked iPhone 4.

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    Jiserrab, did they give you a brand new 5 iphone 5 or a refurbished one? I have the same purple spot on my camera and have a GBar appointment so hopefully get it swapped!

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