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I'm getting the Iphone 5 for chrismas. When I got my Iphoe 4 2xmas's ago my dad made me get the otterbox because of the screen protection.  Anyways please help !! I need to find a duriable iphone 5 screen protector( also maybe a back protector)? lol anyways thank you soo much

iPhone 4, iOS 4.1
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    i have always been happy with the ones from Zagg (www.zagg.com - except for their new Extreme shield - i put that on my iphone 5 and the adhesive never completely dried so their were splotches on the scrren - they were only on the screen protector and when i took it of it did hurt the screen but i sent it back for a refund and got one of their other screen protectors which works fine


    what i also like about them is they have a 45 day return policy and a lifetime guarantee - if anything happens to your screen protector (as long as you have the failed one to send bck to them) they will replace it basically forever


    They do have a protector for the back of the phone but mine hasnt been delivered yet so i cant say if its any good

  • LCDeyed Level 1 Level 1

    The iSmooth Screen Protecto work great!




    perfect material (no glare, doesnt inhibit brightness, feels like bare screen)

    doesnt smudge easy, easy to clean.

    best value for the money, you get plenty of chances to mess up

    the Seller (smooth global) was absolutely amazing, they've sent multiple free packages and did everything they could to make sure i was satisfied.


    difficult to apply (they are cut nearly perfectly to screen so alignment is crucial)

    like any other screen protector, they catch dust easily during application


    I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for screen protectors.

    Be sure to do business with Smooth Global whenever possible, they are great.

    Application tips:

    1. Take your time

    2. make sure screen is free of dust

    3. do in a room with little air movement

    4. practice aligning protector before you remove the sticker