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My 24" Cinema Display started to flicker and black out shortly after I purchased my most recent MacBook Pro.  Apple felt that the issue was the MacBook Pro so they replaced it.  The problem continued so they suggested I take the Cinema Display to the Genius Bar.  The display was out of warranty and the Apple Genius felt the issue was a bad display even after I told him I smelt silicon burning just before it went out completely.  He said that he could "depot" the unit and have it repaired for ~$600.  Due to the high cost of repair, I chose to purchase a new Thunderbolt Display instead.  Recently, I opened the old Cinema Display and found that the Logic Board is fried.  I have ordered a new board from 2 different Web retailers.  Both accepted the purchase as "in stock" but then stated they could not get the board from Apple.  Where can I purchase the Logic Board for a 24" Apple Cinema Display?


Many thanks!

Apple 24" Cinema Display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    I was very interested to read this document.  I think there is a problem with the Cinema Display and that it is frying the computer.


    My husband bought each of us a macbook pro.  His was hooked up to the cinema display.  After about a year, his MBP started to suffer intermittent failures where it would suddenly shut off and have to be hard rebooted.  After 2 years, the power or logic board on his MBP completely failed. He bought a new MBP and a Thunderbolt display, and I inherited his Cinema Display for use with my original MBP. 


    After one month of use with the cinema display, my MBP started to have the same problems.  It has to be hard rebooted almost every time I disconnect or reconnect with the cinema display.  I went to the Genius bar, and they confirmed that my MBP logic board needs to be replaced; I'm just holding out until spring break to take it back in, as they say it may take a week.  Fortunately, I have AppleCare for my MBP.


    Our cinema display is 3-4 years old, but it looks like, even though it appears to be working, I should probably get rid of it.  I can't keep frying computers! 


    I'm posting this because I'm wondering how many others are experiencing this problem.