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Upgraded to IOS6 and now I can't open any documents from my works server. Before upgrade, I could log on to server, choose a file and open in numbers, keynote or pages depending on the file. Now when I click on open in e.g. Numbers, Evernote launches. Doesn't matter what I try to open whether it be keynote, pages or numbers, Evernote launches. When the document opens in Evernote there is nothing there to view. So I deleted Evernote and tried again. Now nothing happens. I press open in numbers, pages or keynote and nothing opens.


This issue does not happen when I try to open a file attachment from my emails. It just happens when I try to download something from my work server. It's never been a problem until I upgraded. There are no problems with my work server.


Any ideas? I can't access any of my documents and can't do any work! Thanks Apple.

iPad 2, 4.3.5 isn't in the list!