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I had been having an issue with contacts repeatedly duplicating and sometimes disappearing in my address book. This appeared to be a problem with SyncServices, so I followed the steps to troubleshoot SyncServices, archived my contacts, de-duplicated them, cleared the caches and restarted.


I was able to load my contacts back into the address book, but after attempting to de-duplicate again, I started to get the rainbow wheel and the address book is "Not Responding." Force quitting and rebooting have had no effect.


Any advice?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    I have the same problem. In the left menu, next to iCloud a little loading loop keep turning round. The Contact application is "Not Responding" according to Activity Monitor. I tryied Force Quitting Contact and relaunching it, same problem. I tryied rebooting, same problem. I deleted all AddressBook preferences and data from the Library, and after it retreived all from iCloud, I got to the same problem. Any ideas ?

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    My Address book was not opening anymore and went to "not responding". Forced stop did not resolve the issue.


    Most likely to be an icloud issue. Try switching off contacts in your icloud settings in the configuration icon of your Mac. Delete contacts as otherwise you will end up with all duplicate contacts. If you have any contacts stored on your mac, be aware that when switching contacts in iCloud on again, all will be uploaded into iCLoud. So if you don't watn, export and delete before switching back on.


    This solved it for me.