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Problem with Configurator - 15 iPads in Brettford cart, and 12 will accept backups, new apps, etc without any problems, but 3 of them give me a "Supervision Failed" error.  If I wait a while and refresh each one individually they will accept the refresh.  Sometimes it's a short wait, and other times its a long wait. 


They seem to hang and then fail on the step "checking pairing."  I have signed in with my Apple ID in both iTunes and Configurator.  It's always these same 3 iPads.  I've tried plugging them into different connectors, and I've tried using the iPad to see if they want me to sign in on the machine before a sync.  I'm very stumped, but I'd really like to get this solved.  The idea behind having a supervised lab of iPads seems very good.  I think I fully understand the workflow, and I'd love to be able to set this cart to sync every time an iPad is plugged in, but with these 3 failing every time it's not that trustworthy.


For information purposes (if needed), these are iPad 3 - 16 GB wifi only.  The MBP is the latest 13" i5 base model with Mountain Lion.  Everything is brand new.


Any ideas would be appreciated.

iPad, iOS 6