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I am at wit's end. Until a couple of days ago, my 1st gen Apple TV connected fine to iTunes. Now, it will not connect no matter what. I have tried the following:


1) restart both ATV and my machine (Win 7 running iTunes 10.7)

2) restored ATV factory settings and reinstalled software

3) hard-wire via ethernet to my computer (which some articles seemed to indicate should work - nothing happened)

4) hard-wired both my cpu and ATV to a router - nothing shows up

5) removed and reinstalled all Apple programs, including iTunes, QT and ancillary

6) vaired between hard-wired internet connection and wireless for ATV

7) did everything on this page, including open ports manuallyhttp://support.apple.com/kb/TS1453


Most frustrating of all, my wife sees the device instantly in her iTunes. AGHH!

Apple TV, Windows 7