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hi ...


not sure if this is "legacy" stuff; perhaps win XP is truly,

and also my old Laserjet 2100 is definitely "legacy" ....


i've got my iMac connected to two PC's on a home network

connected thru an older SMC Barricade router.

The router has an older Laserjet printer connected to

it's own parallel (LPT1) printer port.


The first issue is that, in both my PC's

(laptop running XP home & desktop with XP pro),

i can "see" my iMac, and access it's files,

no problem. But on my iMac, I can only "see"

the Laptop with XP Home, (can't see the XP pro desktop),

and all I can "see" on the laptop is the "Shared Documents"



Can anyone help me "see" and access my PC files

thru the iMac?




The other issue is the printer I am attempting to share

on my router's parallel port.  The SMC router came with

a utility that helps set up the Laser printer via IP routing

on PC's ... but nothing of the sort for Mac.


I tried installing the "Bonjour Printer Wizard", but it found

nothing on my desktop, even when I temporarily attached

the Laserjet to my PC's parallel port.


Both PC's print quite nicely thru the router's parallel port.

Is there any possilbe way to get my mac to "see" this

"network printer" and use it, even though it is somewhat

ancient by today's standards?


thanks for any hints!!

Mac OS X (10.6.8)