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Decided to start a new thread about this problem that a growing number of users are having specially with the iPhone 5.   It is unclear if this is just affecting Verizon and Sprint (CDMA) customers, however a small few have mentioned they are having problems over AT&T (HSPA+ or GSM).


With cellular data turned on (even if you're connected to Wi-Fi), users of Enterprise Exchange email accounts, the push feature eventually crashes.  This causes other problems, such as: sending via iMessage and other app notifications fail.    By turning off cellular data completely and connected to Wi-Fi, there are no problems at all.   (To restart the push service, you can either reboot or simply turn Airplane Mode on and then back off)


There have been multiple 'fixes' mentioned on different forums, but every single one that was mentioned I have tried to no avail.    I have also had my phone replaced at the Apple Store and did nothing to it except for adding my Exchange account.  Guess what??  Same exact issue.   A couple of users claim that putting the phone into DFU mode and doing a restore that way fixes it, but this does not work either. 


This problem seems to be an iOS bug that is tied to the new LTE chip that is in the new iPhone 5.    Of course these chips are not in the older gen iPhones, and iPads, etc., so upgrading to iOS 6 on these devices does not cause this same issue.

iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    For anyone looking to temporarily fix the issues with exchange and the push part here is a solution that I proposed and worked for most people:


    Here is how to do that in 4 steps


    a) Go to Settings > mail, contacts, calendar,> scroll down to "Show" and change that to 200 or 500 recent messages.


    b) You also have to check how many emails you have in other mailboxes. If that number is really high, lets ay more than 500 emails, in order for the fix to work you also have change how many mails to sync on each mailbox from no limit to 1 month or even less.


    c) if  your iCloud mailbox has way to many mails in inbox this fix may not work for your. It will work if you turn off icloud mail in settings. This will not delete your mail. You will have to live without iCloud mail until apple fixes it.


    d) Go to settings > notifications > Mail and check each account if notification center is on?


    I hope this helps you, I know it is a frustrating situation. But this temporary fix, has fixed it for most people.

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    If a\other notification fails you may want to turn off notifications for imessage, and other services and turn them back on. This will only work if you follow the rest of the steps outlined above.

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    I have been following all of the threads for the past several days and am having the same problems with exchange email not pushing to my iPhone 5. The only account I have signed into my email is my active sync account. No icloud. I have tried everything suggested on the forum-to no avail. As mentioned, these only provide a temporary fix and agree it is at Apple's end where this needs fixed. I consider myself tech savvy and have owned palm, blackberry and for the past three years android phones. Never had a problem with push email until I decided to make the jump over to an iPhone. I have an iPad 2 and have not had a problem pushing emails since updating to iOS 6.

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    CloudWire - Why do you keep spamming this across the threads?


    Any Temporary Fix will only last HOURS!  Multiple people have done enough testing and calls to Apple that we are waiting on Apple to fix the root cause, not just perform X steps while pointing south east with your ring finger pointed at the sun between the hours of 11:01 and 11:22.

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    I just wanted to let folks know that after having my issue escalated and providing full logs from a debugging profile, Apple informed me today that they are now aware of this issue. They told me there is currently no known workaround, and that the only solution at present would be to set up the phone as new and not restore from any previous backups—but even then, it's possible the problem may return. I was also advised it may be fixed in a future software update, but they were unable to provide any time frame.


    So I suppose there's nothing to do other than just wait and hope they fix this soon.

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    The only workaround I have found is to switch to Fetch mode to prevent from having to cycle the phone or airplane mode.  I've been in Fetch for about 24 hours and so far it keeps getting mail.  It beats having nothing from push...

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    Just giving this thread the bump as I'm now experiencing this exact issue:


    I'm running 6.0.1 on a Sprint iPhone 5 in an area that is only 3G.  The email account is gmail, configured to work as an Exchange account.  Push breaks as soon as my phone receives or places a phone call when using the phone over cellular data.  I've been able to isolate that specific action as the catalyst that ultimately ceases Exchange function.  After receiving or placing a call, I will routinely attempt to open a page in Safari and that works no problem.  If I attempt to open Mail, it will read "Connecting..." on the bottom status bar and will not move from that message.  At this point, I'm unable to send or receive email on my Exchange account.  Anecdotally, weather is unable to update and some other Apps lose data function.  Toggling Airplane Mode, or using a wifi network will restore my Exchange connection and I will begin to receive email both through Push and Fetch.


    I have attempted to clear network settings, restored through iTunes and set up the phone as a new device, and a DFU restore on a "fresh" copy of iOS 6.0.1.  Basically, I'm at my wits' end.  It should also be noted that i have another iPhone 5 on my Sprint account - running 6.0 - and this broken Exchange is not an issue.


    My temporary fix has been to set up my gmail through the gmail setup in mail - not exchange.  I'm able to take and place calls and continue full functionality of the device.  I'm not a software engineer, but this tends to indicate that there is some glitch in how Exchange works on cellular data - especially when that data connection is interrupted.


    Let's all hope this issue can be resolved soon.

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    This problem totally screwed me this morning when I missed a bunch of after hour support emails.

    When will this be fixed?

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    Very strange. Saw a recommendation to remove my pass code and my email is working again.

    Hate to have no pass code but can't keep missing emails like this.

    Come on Apple - let's get this worked out!

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    I have an issue with my iPhone 5 running iOS 6.1 which is similar to the ones mention here but with a little more complication added.

    I run an Exchange server mail account and over the past few weeks the mail app will hang when opening a newly received message to read. The app starts connecting then hangs with all the emails in the inbox disappearing and a new sync starts to repopulate the inbox.

    Sometimes this happens more Han 10 times in a day.

    I've tried several several fixes, such as:

    Deleting mail account on app and creating it again.

    Deleting he Exchange profile and starting again.

    Restoring the phone from a back up.

    Restoring the phone to factory setting and setting it up as a brand new device.


    All with no luck..

    Any assistance would be appreciated..

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    Ps: the phone is set to FETCH every 30 mins but I have also set it to PUSH the Inbox plus 1 other folder (Sent Items) as there is no option to have this set to FETCH.

    I've changed the number of days o Sync plus the number of messages to store, but thus has not eloped at all. It seems to happen more whilst in an LTE zone.

    The folks t the Apple Genius Bar are stumped with their only solution being replace the phone. However, I do to think it is a hardware issue as this was also occurring ( but far less frequently) on my 4S.

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    My iPhone logs clearly show these crashes over the past few days and the common theme is Power Assertion timeout for com.apple.mobilemail.autofetch or .messagebodyloader..

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    I've never had, or heard of, any of the problems you folks on this thread have talked about, nor has any of the 40+ iPhone 5s that I deal with.


    If you have this problem, I'd try a full reset first, and then a restore if that didn't work.