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I took a couple of videos, including one long video (about 30 minutes) to test the quality and it was wonderful! The problem is that I can't do anything with them. They are (obviously) too large to send to people via things like email. I tried connecting it to my computer via usb to put the files onto my computer (my preferred method of dealing with files) but the video files were not there at all.


From my computer, there was really only one available path of folders and it took me to my camera roll where I could transfer/copy/save all my photos to my pc (which is great because I have taken many nice pictures). The videos, which were also stored on my phones camera roll were not visible in the folder at all (though the folder properties indicated it was 5GB large as if to say it did have the videos).


So my question is basically: how can I access my videos (and ideally get them onto my computer)?



Other details: I do not own a Mac and my iPhone is my only Apple Product.

iPhone 5, iOS 6