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how do i fix error 50

  • b noir Level 9 Level 9 (72,040 points)

    Do you get your 50 when accessing the Store, or when you try to download purchased content, or in some different context? (If it's in a different context could you let us know what you're doing when you get the 50, please?)

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    I get this error when downloading HD files from the itunes store. When first trying to download them I get error code 1309. I do only get this code when 4 GB of the file is downloaded and wont download the rest.


    I use mac mini with 2.3 GHz intel Core i5 with memory of 2GB.

    There is 400gb free on the hard drive of my mac mini and i use a samsung 1TB extrenal harddirve connected via USB that stores all my itunes libary.



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    i have the same error, and pase un bouth cases =S