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Me and a friend have both noticed the iPhone 5 doesn't bother searching for signal at all. We are both on different networks, both upgraded from previous iPhones.

For work I move areas a lot so I pass black spots often.

I have to toggle airplane mode many many times a day for the phone to start searching for signal.

VERY FRUSTRATING. All I want is to pick up the phone and use it when I want!

This is not a network issue.

This is clearly a firmware issue and some prat has thought it was a great way to save battery.


I would take it back to the 3store I got it from but the store doesn't exist anymore... well according to iOS 6 maps!!!!


Sort it out!!


  • spacemarine288 Level 2 Level 2

    Oh gosh! It MUST be Apples fault, and not the fact that you live in an area with little coverage!



  • Reek Level 1 Level 1

    At home I have full 3G signal, all the time, everywhere in the house. Always have done.


    If I've been on the road, get home, nine times out of ten it will still say no service, even if I leave it for a while it won't bother to search for signal and I know fully well there is excellent coverage in my house.

    Toggle airplane mode, it triggers it to search networks and I get the full 3G signal back.


    I don't know how you've assumed it's a fact I have little network coverage. "Gosh"

  • MarcusBrownDevon Level 1 Level 1

    i have the same issue, it has done this from new. as soon as the signal is lost it wont look for signal again untill you turn aeroplane mode on and off.


    did you ever get to the bottom of this issue?