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I've been dealing with this all evening.


Everytime I plug my phone in, the sync gets to step 6 and then that error as mentioned above pops up.


My system: Win7x64 My device: iPhone5


This problem only started today.


I've scoured the internet and have tried all these solutions with no progress:


1. Deleted old backups

2. Deleted the Lockdown folder

3. Reinstalled iTunes

4. Changed the time zone

5. Running as Administrator


To be quite honest I can't even remember everything I've tried and I am not just incredibly frustrated.


Could anyone lend a hand? I honestly Don't know what the issue could be. I also tried deleting apps from the phone, removing all my podcasts, pictures, etc.


Still that flippin' error message comes up.


Anything. Before I go crazy and reformat my computer.

iPhone 5, iOS 6
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