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seriously ? This is Apples solution to their own OS and Photo app integration in 'the worlds best operating system' ? really ?

macbookpro2.4, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    Do you have a question?



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    Photos received as attachments in a Mail message may not save directly to iPhoto.


    Follow these steps to import the photos into iPhoto.

    1. Open iPhoto.
    2. Return to the Mail message with the photo attachment(s).
    3. Drag and drop each photo onto the iPhoto icon on the Dock.


    This is what it's about. Right-click the 'export to iphoto' function does not work, but the above method does. It's a bug, pure and simple. The question should read: to whom can I address my bug fix request. To whom can one address a bug-fix request?

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    iPhoto menu ==> provide iPhoto feedback



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    Yes it looks as if Apple in 10.8.2 has removed the dropdown menu that allows the user to save photo attachment/s to iPhoto or a Folder, also along with the feature to save attachment/s to a folder etc by way of the same menu.


    What appears to still be in place is the ability to Shift or Command click photos and then hold down the Control key and click again to show the Contextual menu that allows the user to Export photos to iPhoto or to choose other options.


    Not as simple or graceful, but functional. It works for me

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    This is still a problem.  Does Apple have a projected date when it will be repaired?  The functionality of MacMail really needs improvement.  I don't want a bloated app like Outlook, but it really feels like Apple has abandoned the integral apps that made me choose a Mac in the first place.  Integration of Calendar, Email and Browser with the OS is huge and really needs more attendtion from Apple, in my opinion.

    - Jon

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    This was fixed in the 10.8.3 update.

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    As Terence has already stated this fixes the problem: OS X Mountain Lion Update v10.8.3 (Combo)