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Hi all, my PowerBook G4 17" 1.67Ghz 10.5.8 recently started having sleep issues. It would randomly just to sleep.  I googled and searched here for answers, reset the PRAM and PMU each several times, ran Disk Warrior, all would seem fine for a few hours or days and then the sudden sleep issues came back. I have an up to date clone back up so I wiped the drive clean, reinstalled Leopard and had just started the data transfer from my backup via FireWire when........ It went to sleep. I woke it, one minute later it's asleep again. It does not want to stay awake for more than 2 minutes, under a minute most of the time.  Any thoughts ? 


Thanks for any help.


17" PB G4 1.67Ghz 2Gig, Mac OS X (10.5.8), 3rd Gen Nano iPhone 4 32G
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    For clarity, it's sleeping and not shutting down? If shutting down, that would sound like a failing battery.

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    I recently came across someone with a MacBook Pro 2006-2008 model with the same issue.

    Turned out to be the magnetic mechanism in the top case. You may need to replace the top case inclusive of the keyboard. They tested this by removing the top cover and powering on the laptop. 17" PowerBook is one of the easiest covers to remove. You may wish to plug a USB mouse to help you close the machine down after testing, should you decided to test.


    Best of luck

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    Hi BGreg, it is going to sleep, not shutting down. It's running off my Leopard install disk so no personal settings are involved.


    Hi Knucklesmac, I'll look into that magnetic possibility.


    Maybe a heat issue, fans ?

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    Shutting down could also be a symptom of overheating. Consider getting something to help you monitor internal temps. I like this one:




    because you don't have to invoke Dashboard to view the temps. They are visible in the menubar while you work.

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    Hi Allan, thanks for replying. My PowerBook is going to sleep NOT shutting down if that makes a difference.  The monitor program you mentioned sounds good but until I get this sleep issue dealt with I can not install it. Upon start up, it goes to sleep before I can even sign in to a user account. I ran the hardware test off my OS DVD and all passed.