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John Lockwood Level 6 Level 6

Apple recently released a 10.7.5 Supplemental Update to fix a few issues with the original 10.7.5 full update. This update is available via Apple's own Software Update Server and via a manual download.


I am running an internal Software Update Server in Mac OS X 10.7.5 with Server.app 1.4.3 and this has been successfully downloading and distributing updates from Apple including the original 10.7.5 update. However currently the 10.7.5 Supplemental Update is stuck showing an ! (exclamation mark) in Server Admin - Software Update Server, and the copy now button does nothing.


Note: my SUS is set to download all new updates automatically but not to enable them.


I have tried stopping and starting SUS but that made no difference either. Has anyone else been able to get their SUS to download this update?


I found the following error in the Software Update Service Log


Oct  8 14:16:46 lon01-macmgmt-01.local swupd_syncd[49365] <Warning>: ignored invalid download request for product 041-7698, current state = PleaseMirror


The package 041-7698 corresponds to the update I am referring to.

  • Kieran323 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm having this problem too. But it appears that all Lion updates are having this issue.


    Snow leopard, etc seem to be downloading and pushing fine, but any Lion updates I can't copy down and they all have the "!" beside them.


    My log reports almost the exact same message as yours.


    The server is updating itself not a problem as well.