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Hi all. I have had IOS 6 on my phone since it came out my issue i have is when i was texting a friend the other night i went to search his name via clicking the messages icon compose message then search for the contact which finds him but for some reason it finds his name twice when i only have his new number saved onto my phone and i dont know how his old number which he no longer uses is still appearing upon when i find him to send him a text message. I have had a search via the internet on this issue and alot of forums are saying that it is IOS 6 full of bugs is this right?




iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.3
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    My IOS 6 iPhone took my contact list from my computer's email Contacts, rather than my phones contacts, such that I have all kinds of folks now on my phone.  Many of these people, I have never even had a phone number for, but some I have had more than one number in the past.  Since I don't use my Computer Contact List for phone calls, I didn't bother getting rid of older phone numbers.  You may have this issue, or your iPhone could have taken the two Contact Data content from iClould, where you may have had both numbers.

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    Thanks for your reply! i dont use iCould nor do i have an email linked on my iphone. Many apple users are encountering this issue do you think it is a bug in IOS 6?

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    The other possibility is that you had a Backup Saved at your Carrier / Service Provider.  I don't think there is a Bug that found a deleted Contact with an old phone number.

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    Basically if i delete my friends phone number then go to compose a message then search his name it appears? surely that cannot be normal lol.

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    Check Following:


    IF you have a Meesage History (I mean if there are messages on your phone) to that old contact then this will display old phone.


    Try to delete that message history.


    iOS integrates facebook Contacts with Phone Contacts. If your friend has old contact on facebook, then it is coming from there.