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Environment and problem

OS X Mountain Lion, Mail 6.1 (everything up to date)

Emails with mixed image and PDF attachments send from my MacBoox Pro are not being displayed correctly when received on Outlook. It is not an Outlook problem.



Multiple inline images - ok

I compose an email, rich text format, insert severnal inline images, send to colleage on Windows 7 using Outlook, all received ok. He sees the message with inline images.



Multiple inline images and PDF - not ok

I compose a similar email with multiple inline images, but attach a PDF. This time all of the attachments (images and PDF) appear at the end of the message when viewed in Outlook.



Gmail browser comparison

I repeat the above from a Gmail account via Safari and I can make an email with inline images and PDF attachments and it works.



Any thoughts, tips, bug reports, etc appreciated.


MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), Mail 6.1 (1498)