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I'm happily using 10.5.8. Would upgrading to 10.6 make my Mac safer on the internet? I'm not interested in new features - so why should I upgrade?





  • roam Level 6 (13,565 points)

    I am assuming you have an Intel Mac because 10.6 won't run on a PowerPC.


    Your concern was my primary reason for upgrading from 10.5 to 10.6 several months ago.

    It is fairly similar to 10.5 and I am mostly quite pleased with it.

    Despite the arrival of Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard still managed to get a security update as recently as last month.

    Pricing has changed dramatically over the years. Where once a 10.5 retail DVD upgrade cost me here in Australia $179, I got Snow for $39. It is even cheaper in the U.S.

    Snow Leopard still has Rosetta so older PPC applications like Appleworks still work, so I think it is definitely worth doing.

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    Thanks for you reply.


    Yup I have an Intel Mac. 10.5 no longer gets security updates. I guess this means I'm vunerable?


    Confusingly when I phoned the Apple store they said Macs were very safe, I had nothing to worry about and this wasn't a reason to upgrade.


    I don't know what to do now!

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    Go for Snow Leopard... It's a very good OS... and roam has listed some very salient points...

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    I just want to understand - is my Mac vunerable or unsafe or unsecure if I don't upgrade?

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    In my opinion your Mac will be less safer if left as it is and more safer and less vulnerable if you upgrade to 10.6 and further update via software update and/or the Combo update to 10.6.8. 


    But you should be aware that Apple no longer vouch to support Snow Leopard any more than Leopard ... although major security matters may be treated differently.

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    Thanks. I think I'll upgrade. Just hope it works with Adobe Creative Suite 3...

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    Thanks for the star, Sparky.


    But I thought you should take a look at this regarding Adobe.   It's out of my league but it may ease or confirm any concerns.


    Known issues | CS3 | Mac OS X 10.6

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    Hi. Thanks for that. I'm hoping that is a worst case scenerio rather than common problems. A friend is upgrading, I think I'll wait and see how he gets on with CS3!