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iWeb did quit unexpectedly (after having problems already with publishing my website to a local folder: not enough disk space ?!) and after restarting some of my pages are gone.

Is there any way I can get them back or restore these pages. my website is online, so I could download my files via ftp. I also keep a back-up with Time Machine and I have a copy of my site in a local folder.

Everything is there, but how do I get it in iWeb?

  • Ethmoid Level 6 Level 6 (10,390 points)

    So the published version of your website is no good to you and also possibly the copy of your site in a local folder is no good to you, especially if you published it to a local folder from iWeb.


    Unfortunately, iWeb has no import facility, so is unable to open a published site whether on your desktop or hosted. iWeb is a one way street, so it creates the html and css files upon publishing, but cannot open them.


    To be able to get your website back you need your domain.sites file which stores all your iWeb data and this can be found under your User/Library/Application Support/iWeb/domain.sites.


    If you have this domain file backed up on Time Machine, then you can get your site back, but if not, you are looking at re-creating your site from scratch in iWeb.  Nothing more you can do, as iWeb can't open html and css pages.        

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    What version of iWeb are you using and with what version of OS X?

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    I'm using iWeb 3.0.4 (601) and OS X 10.8.2.

    can't find my iWeb data, don't have the folder: User/Library/Application Support/iWeb/domain.sites

    is there anywhere else I can look?

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    See this page for how to get to the library folder and to launch a domain.sites2 file in iWeb when using Lion/Mountain Lion...



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    That helped. All my pages are restored.