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John in Paris Level 1 (0 points)

At some point, Reminders and Calendar no longer sync with iCloud. They were working fine when I first installed Mountain Lion (a fresh install on a new drive, not an upgrade with preferences from a previous install), but sometime recently they stoppped syncing. This may or may not have occurred when I updated to 10.8.2; I don't regularly use them, but when I do, I need the info synced.


Other programs work fine: Contacts, Notes, and Safari all sync with iCloud. I can create/update items on my iPhone, and it's reflected on my Mac, and vice-versa.


This is frustrating, especially because it was working well at one point. I've tried unchecking/re-checking the "Calendars & Reminders" option in the iCloud system preferences, as well as signing out and back in again. Each time, I've always chosen to delete the data on my Mac.


I'm out of ideas - short of a full reinstall, which isn't feasible. Has anyone else experienced this and solved it?

MacBook Pro (15-inch Early 2011), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Hi. I have hit the same problem and have no idea when it happened either.

    Having read your post and many others I thought I'd try the fix involving turning off reminders synchronisation. What I did was typed the reminders into my iphone, quit reminders on the mac, turn off synchronisation on the mac deleting all entries on mac, log into iCloud using safari, noticed all reminders present, rebooted mac, turned on synchronisation merging entries, opened reminders and all were there.

    It may be the iPhone and safari bits were not needed and only the reboot, or it may be we have a different fault. Anyway thought I'd share what worked.

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    I have developed the same problem.  Calendar and Reminders no longer sync, nor can I enter any new items via iCloud.com.  My iPhone and BusyCal on my MAC no longer sync.  I was tempted to try turning sync off on my MAC but, like you, got the warning that it was deleting all data on my MAC.  So I backed off.


    Using my MAC, I signed onto my wife's iCloud account and experienced no problem; all works as it should.


    I keep sending the error messages to Apple.  So far in the last two days they have not responded.

  • Brij011 Level 2 (150 points)

    I came on here looking for an answer to the same problem but I've sinced solved it.


    I had iCloud set as my default calendar on the phone and it worked fine. Then I found that Phone had stopped syncing the calendar. I checked in the settings and found that my default calendar had changed (I don't know why but possibly it was an update). I reset the default calendar to iCloud and now it's working fine again.