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I have recently bought a ne IMAc 27inch have been able to transfer all my data from the old iMac24", which is a lot and now my new Time Capsule with 2T of HD will not perform backup.  Every time i try to set up TM I get the following message:Screen Shot 2012-10-09 at 07.04.30.png

I have reserched on Apple forums and have found soluions such as restart the TC, turn it on and off several times, erasing the TC though AirPort Utility (which, by the way has taken over 8 hours), so I am desperate now!

Can someone help?

My new computer has two HD one SSD and one Analog, it's a brand new iMac.

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 27-inch, Mid 2011
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    My new computer has two HD one SSD and one Analog, it's a brand new iMac.


    The "Analog" disk; it is mechanical with platters which are entirely digital.


    Did you name both disks the same?


    If so rename a disk.. that is what the error message says.. you cannot have two identically named disks.

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    Thanks man!  The minute I finished posting that's exactly what i have tried.  And succeded!  one would think Apple would have sent the computer already configured in a way TM would just work!  Anyways, Thanks!

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    So you got the computer from Apple with an SSD and Standard SATA drive with both using the same name.. that is incredible.. what are they smoking in apple nowadays.. ??


    You cannot have the two disks named the same.. how obvious.. !!

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    Probably angel dust, provided by Steve! Lol!


    I thought it was strange, but since i am not a techie, i fighured Apple had figured a way to manage it and keep the same name for the two disks due to TM...whatever!  Good to know we can reach people on line and figure things out!  Thanks again, man!