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Hi folks,


I'm wondering if this is an IOS6 problem or not, but on my iPhone 4s I seem to not be able to jump the cursor to edit my search in Google, on Safari.

For example if I've typed in "Where is my mind?" and done a search, and then I want to change it to "Where WAS my mind?", I seem to have to delete the WHOLE line of text in the search bar, because I can't jump the cursor to any other part other than the end. I can't even scroll to the end to see where the end is! SOmetimes I can't even see a cursor.


This is really annoying me and I don't want to use or download another search engine app.


Anyone else had this problem? Is it just me? Is there a setting somewhere? I seem to believe that this is a relatively new problem for me. Perhaps it's since I updated to IOS6...


(and yes, I've tried holding down my finger on the text to get the old magnifying glass out - that don't work)


Any help would be great.





iPhone 4S, iOS 6