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Ok I'm sure there is an easy answer...this is driving me batty...

I get lots of iCal invites that are sent to my email address.

When I open iCal, very few of them appear in the "Notifications" area to allow me to say Maybe/Decline/Accept


The way I have to accept most of them is to:

1. go to email for the invite

2. click "Accept" (opens a new browser tab)

3. within browser tab click on "Download .ics" (Add to iCal), which opens a download window

4. in download window select "Open with... iCal"

5. asks which calendar I want to add it to (like "Home"), so I hit OK


then it adds it to my iCal


I get tons of iCal invites...is there a way just to let me just accept them from within iCal?


I don't have a Cloud subscription of anything (if that matters).


Thanks all-

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Time Capsule
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    same problem, driving me nuts...


    i get calendar invites in mail, can be from any calendar, Ical, iCloud, Google, any... none get auto invited in to iCal/Calendar [whatever its called now]. They used to... dont now..


    on Mountain Lion, everything is up to date, settings are correct [i think].


    does this have anything to do with everyone elses iCloud invites problem? seems to be a general iCloud invites problem but dont know if this is linked to it.


    I have to manually add the data from my invite into Calendar at the moment as a cant drag it as it makes the invite where i drag it and not thr date it should be, i cant open the ICS as it opens Entourage...



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    I have the same problem too. Did you sort it out?

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    Nope, it only seems to appear in iCal if I don't open my Mail (on my iPhone, for example), and if it remains "unread". Which doesn't make for such a great experience!