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I'm wanting to back up my iMac before I add 10.6 on it. All the external back ups require 10.6 & up. So, how can you back it up? My computer already has Time Machine on it.



iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8), Intel inside
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    Time Machine backsup the drive to an external drive, if that is what you are asking.  Also, Carbon Copy Cloner, free trial that is fully capable, will make a bootable copy of your system.

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    All the external drives that I've seen require 10.6, so does that mean I can't use Time Machine until I get 10.6 on it?

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    I don't understand why an external drive would require 10.6...the Mac OS X format (HFS extended Journaled) and partition scheme, GUID, have been used since Mac OS X 10.4.  The Time Machine system has been in use since 10.5.  Someone may be giving you some bad information.


    Check the drives offered by OWC, http://www.macsales.com and see what they have.  I have three of their Mercury Elite pro external drives, 2 TB each, and they are great drives.  OWC has on-line and telephone help so can answer any questions about compatibility of the drive you are interested in.


    An external drive can be partitioned into a partition for Time Machine to use for backup, or another backup procedure, and a work space partition.  I setup my drives, for three different computers, to have a backup partition and a Carbon Copy Cloner bootable partition and a storage partition.  That way there is a good backup of the system, and a bootable copy of the system so if anything goes wrong I can simply boot (restart holding the Opt key then select that partition for startup) into a working version of the operating system.

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    All the external drives that I've seen require 10.6

    Maybe this refers to some software that comes with the drive, which can be ignored. A hard drive's adaptibility is determined by its format. If it is formatted correctly by you using Disk Utility, it will work on your 10.5 Leopard machine, no problem.

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    Now I understand, thanks! Yes, it must be the software that says 10.6.

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    You're wlecome and good luck with the backing up.