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I have an iPhone 4s with ios 6.0.  I recently bought the apple composite AV cable from an apply store.  Unfortunate when I connect it to my tv all I get is sound.  I've search for tv out settings but I can't seem to find them.  Any suggestions?

iPhone 4S, iOS 6
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    Same problem! Very frustrating since I've been using the AV component cable successfully for several years now. Apple technician tells me it's a problem with the new iOS6 software. So it's a fact now that ALL new Apple iPads and iPhones  are incapable of outputting video, either analog or digital, through the dock connector. This is a nightmarish development for those of us that use our devices to share information on larger screens either in educational settings or simply for entertainment in order to watch movies at home! Don't bother trying to use their $40 HDMI adapter either, it doesn't work.

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    Hi have just had the same trouble, for filmon. And fixed it by sacking off the app and going straight off the web. Works a treat now

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    Netflix doesn't seem to allow video through the web browser, they force you to their app.  Also I haven't gotten the web browser to handle video out either.

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    I've been running both component video out as well as composite on both my iPhone 4 and now 4s and my iPad 3 just fine under iOS 5.x but as soon as I upgraded to iOS 6 my 4s video out suddenly stopped working but the iPad works just fine... It's an issue with the 4s and iOS 6 IMHO...


    My 4s is running the same version of iOS 6 as my iPad as well as the same version of Netflix. 4s is broken, iPad works great! This *****!!! The 4s obviously has the power to push the video out since it worked fine under iOS 5...


    Come on Apple! Fix it already!!!

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    The same thing happened to my 4S.  The AV cable works fine with my iPad 3 under IOS 6.0.1, it worked with both my iPhones 4 and 4S under IOS 5 but now the 4S under IOS 6.0.1 will not work with it.  Its as if the 4S does not recognise the AV connector, it just keeps playing the video/ tv programme on the phone.

    Peculiarly the iPhone 4S now will not work with Philips docking speakers too.  It works with others, Bose, B&O, JBL...but not Philips.


    I am pretty sure this is an IOS 6 gremlin and I am at a loss at what to do next.  Wait for Apple to release the next patch I suppose.

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    Hello I had the problem with tv out on iphone 4s av composite did not work. Cable was good in the end we solved was becoming dock connector after the ebay I bought 10 euro now works perfectly. No one helped me with an answer I found one I can now say someone else has this problem goes av out or just sound. my iphone 4s version 6.1 ios 6

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    Excuse my English translated by google translate

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    I solved my problem.  Apple in London said that my dock connector was damaged and advised me to replace the phone for a refurbished one at £149 from them.  I then went to icorrect in London who had excellent reviews.  They replaced the dock connector with a new one for £35.  The phone now works perfectly both with the av cable into the TV and with my car Griffin transmission cable so that I can play podcasts through the car radio.

    So if anyone out there has the same problem consideer replacing the dock connector.

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    same problem, for both iPhone 4S and iPad 2.

    since iOS 6.0 av cable to tv only works with photo presentation, self shot videos and via safari.


    Everything else that used to work, 3rd party mostly, doesn't anymore, like Youtube and other video apps, eventhough they had support for it in the first place....


    Maybe Apple needs to tell them what they changed, so that us Apple users can get more out of their iOS devices instead of less and less with every update...


    BTW: problem has nothing to do with "broken" docking station in general, glad it worked out for you tho.

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    im running ios 6.1.3 but have been having this problem for a while at least 2 earlier versions.I have an iphone 4s as do 2 of my work colleagues one running on the same as me and the other slightly earlier but not sure. I have a docking device that has an av out and also an iphone adater to composite av.and also vuzix wrap that supports iphone My phone doesnt work with any and i can recall starting to have problems first with the docking device which became temperamental and then wouldnt work at all.both my mates phones work with it and the glasses.My kids ipad 2s work with the composite lead and the glasses- dont fit the dock obviously ,my iphone 3 runs on all.i can only think that at some point the internals of my iphone 4s may have become damaged hence the intermittant problems with the dock at first ,and maybe its the 30 pin plug could it be that whichever of the pins carry the av signal have become damaged in some way posible dampness ,but im going to have it changed as it seems like a likey possibility.I can say one thing it was nothing to do with the software version ,nor any other device or lead.Also what i thought might be the internal 30 pin plug is i dont get a message l anymore saying the "accessory is not compatible with this iphone"therefore i dont think the phone knows theres a plug in so for the av out pins anyway as it charges up fine

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    Just discovered this same issue with 4S and IOS 6. I am so tired of these kinds of issues along with no battery life. Last apple product I will ever own. As soon as I can I am getting an Android phone!

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    If you are trying to use Netflix, the problem is with Netflix version 4.3.1

    Netflix version 4.3 released prior and up to september 29 2013, will work great giving you good video out to TV, on composite, component, or HDMI.

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    I know the post is old but I had same problem

    Had apple hdmi av adapter and when connected to my 4s it said

    This accessory is not supported by this iphone

    Traced the fault back to a damaged dock connector in the 4s

    Had the cable replaced for under £20 everything works perfectly now 

    Hope this helps someone cos it took me ages to find this out

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    For anyone that didn't check/try this. In the General settings there is an option called TV out (once dock connector is connected to iphone). Make sure the correct video format is selected PAL or NTSC. (Widescreen is a second option there).

    This did the trick for me. I had sound but no video.